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Our Approach to Learning and Development

Your team needs the right knowledge, skills, and behaviors to succeed, but your internal resources are slammed and buying off-the-shelf training just isn’t you. That’s where we come in. Your employees will be more engaged, more productive, and more successful because of our customized training services. Why? We think differently about training to meet the needs of modern learners. We deliver training in short chunks so learners get valuable information with minimal disruption to their workflow. We grab learners’ attention and keep them engaged with fast-paced, relevant and interactive content premised on adult learning theory.

Our Training Model


At the core of any effective training program is correctly identifying who needs to be trained, and on what skills or topics. In getting started, we first identify the needs of your organization. This is where our curiosity comes into play – we take time to understand the past, present and future direction you want to go in. A needs assessment can be conducted through research, interviews and internal surveys. A training need” is the gap between current performance and required performance. For example, if you find that you have unsatisfied customers, there might be a need for customer service training for your sales team.


Once needs are identified, they must be aligned with organizational initiatives.  We then build a curriculum to address challenges in the organization and support business goals. By following this model, employees will be more likely to understand the training and it will be supported by managers and leaders. The impact to the organization is the critical piece. No one wants to do something just to do it – you must have a purpose. When linking training to organizational strategy, you will be able to easily identify the above or bottom line indicators.


Providing relevant training content is key to a good training program, to ensure your learners are engaged and continue to come back for more. The modern learner today is distracted, overwhelmed and has little time to spare. Catering content to their needs is not only important – it’s critical. We keep the content we present to your employees applicable,  timely, and fresh to help them with their daily duties, expand their mind, and provide them with quick takeaways that can immediately be applied.


Many organizations spend thousands of dollars per year on employee training, only to discover that employees are not applying new concepts. Training reinforcement can come in the form of individual or group coaching or in the form of a series of small lessons or learning activities that support a core concept or skill. By continuing to teach what was learned at a seminar or from a video, employees will not only remember more, but they will also be more likely to apply it to their everyday work.

Evaluation and Assessment

How do you know your training was a success? You don’t, unless you measure it.

Every time we work with a client, we start with your goals. What outcomes do you expect? What metrics will we use to make sure you got there? That applies to learning programs too. Many organizations define training success pretty loosely. They might track only course completion and participant reactions to the courses. We want to know what behaviors are critical to your employees’ performance and your business results. Those are the behaviors we think you should train and measure. We work with you to define how much information you want – from satisfaction to ROI – and build those assessments into your program.

360 Customization

We don't do cookie cutter but check out our training and speaking topics below for an idea of our scope and range. Learning and development’s impact on the success of an organization can be significant. You can be assured your training programs will be successful when you have the right training development partner. We have over 20 years of experience in helping customers achieve success with industry-leading instructional design and custom training development initiative. Our front-loaded custom training process takes a measure-twice-cut-once approach. Going through a detailed performance mapping process before development means the entire design will be the right fit for your learners and your business objectives. Custom training is what 360 does best, and our design process ensures you love what we create.

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