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Programs For Transformational Leadership Development: From Emerging Leaders to Executives

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Know Your Audience

Developing leadership at all levels means approaching each leader level with respect to their current skills and the desired capabilities to ensure there are no gaps in development. This ensures development in targeted skills. While all leaders have common leadership challenges, there are aspects of leadership unique to each leader level. Making the transitions from leading self as an individual contributor to leading others to leading other leaders all require enhanced capabilities. In order to achieve optimal results and a steady and ready pipeline of leaders, it’s critical to think about your audience and the program purpose from the start.

Emerging Leaders Program

We support emerging leaders through key elements including self-assessment to enhance self-awareness and identify current areas of improvement; individual and group coaching to allow emerging leaders to grow individually and together, to connect across organizational functions, consider future scenarios and roles, or develop a management mindset; and targeted-skill building to practice new skills in alignment with job goals as well as increased responsibility, accountability and effectiveness.

Mid-Level Leaders Program

More seasoned leaders typically have different needs than emerging or senior-level leaders and developing middle managers has to take into special consideration their prior experience. These supervisor, manager, or director-level leaders need learning designed around deepening current skills, engaging and influencing others to amplify results, operating strategically, leading other leaders, and establishing teams. Middle management development programs can include elements such as 360 degree leadership assessments to identify areas of improvement and how they show up to other; individual mentoring and coaching to gain understanding of self, others and the business as a whole; and action learning to practice solving high-level, complex, real-world business issues with a diverse, cross-functional group.

Senior Leaders Program

Senior leadership development can include elements such as 360-degree assessments to identify areas of improvement and how they show up to others as leaders; individual coaching to discuss complex business issues and development goals; executive team coaching to increase team cohesion and ability to identify a shared vision and more. 

360 Customization

Despite leadership level, the most critical part of leadership development is, practice and reinforcement. Our focus at 360 Impact is the personalization and customization of leadership plans and programs that accommodate each leader’s learning style, pace, interests, and goals. Each level of leader will prefer different types of reinforcement to help bridge the gap between the leader’s day-to-day actions and the skills and development gained in sessions. Our focus is to ensure that leaders can master the new knowledge or skills, and what to apply and when to apply it. In the end, our aim to ensure that leaders are able to internalize and institutionalize learning to advance their individual and organizational goals and vision.


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