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We are a transformation company.
With nearly three decades of leadership, team development, training, consulting, facilitation and organizational development experience, we are committed to transforming human and organizational potential through deep learning, intentional action, and the behavior and systemic changes necessary to foster lasting impact.
Saeed mirfattah, M.A. CPCC
Chief Impact Officer

Lead Your team to excellence

Transforming groups of employees into real teams requires a set of tools and a shared commitment to the mission of the organization. Your success as a leader is defined by the performance of your team. To do this, you must cultivate meaningful relationships with team members and provide a safe environment for them to grow and develop. To do this, you must earn trust, be a coach, build engagement, and actively communicate to help team members reach the pinnacle of their success. 

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Collaborate for success

The fact is there is nothing more important to leadership and organizational success than collaboration. It exponentially increases the odds of amazing things happening. But it can be tough to achieve. Bringing people together and then igniting and nurturing a collaborative effort is a key test of leadership and workplace culture. 

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Transform your culture

Organizational and culture transformation require a shift of mindset and attention. You can attempt to lead organizational transformation in the same old way, but you will get the same old results. Research shows that over two-thirds of organizational change efforts fail to deliver their intended ROI. Transforming your organization and culture requires a broader perspective – attention to variables and dynamics most leaders overlook. Most leaders fixate on processes and neglect the work required to transform mindset, behavior and culture. 

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fall in love with our 360 Services


Consulting is more than just giving advice. We thrive on solving difficult problems. Moving the needle on transformational change requires increasing sophistication and skill in the process of consulting and in managing the consultant-client relationship. We see our primary job as addressing the purpose the client requests first and foremost.


Individual and team coaching is a goal and result oriented process whereby clients assume new cognitive and behavioral patterns allowing them to achieve their business and individual objectives more effectively while they also undergo transformational change.


Traditional training models are ineffective and stale. Enter the world of interactive, experiential customized learning. Our human-centered design modules enable employees to take advantage of the right-fit learning opportunity to solve very specific, measurable problems through an action-learning framework.


As expert facilitators trained in a variety of techniques, we see our role as engaging participants in solving important challenges but underneath that work, we see our role as building capacity for dialogue, communication, transformational change, and ultimately, the principles of self-organization and self management.


We've spoken at local, national, and international forums on a range of topics including emotional intelligence, empathy, tranformational leadership, change management and collective impact.


Individual, team, and leadership assessments allow us to deliver a comprehensive analysis of your culture and team through a 360 lens, including targeted recommendations for institutionalizing change.

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